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If things come to a close (see "Closing" in the membership section) and you have already quite bluntly asked for her number and she gives you the "Why don't you give me YOUR number?", there are a few things to consider before you comply.

The most beautiful of girls have a strange little hobby - they collect phone-numbers. AFC's are always there to offer them their numbers, so can you blame them?:) And usually there's even a little competition going on between girls, who gets the most phone-numbers by the end of the evening / week / year. But are they ever gonna use all those numbers? Yes, by making a fire out of all those business-cards / napkins at the end of the day / week / year:)

That's why you shouldn't ever offer your phone number firsthand and that is why you have to pause and think if she asks for your number without offering hers. She just might be looking at you thinking "another sucker, let's see if I can extract a phone number". Then again, she just simply might not feel comfortable giving you her number, but either way - if you only give yours without getting hers in exchange, your chances of ever seeing her again will plummet.

To salvage the situation, you might show her that you're not just another sucker and you're quite aware of the devious little hobby some girls have with respect to phone numbers. She of course will start assuring you, that that is not the case at all with her - tell her she can convince you by giving you her number:) Or you can bypass the "naughty girls with naughty hobbies" scenario by replying with something as innocent as: "Well I keep a rather hectic schedule, if you call me, you'll probably end up developing a long lasting and fulfilling relationship with my answering machine. I'm in and out a lot. However, with your number I could call you when I was able to actually talk."

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