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I've been reading LayGuide for three months now and it has really
helped me. The most important point is that reading LayGuide has really
improved my confidence, since now I have at least some idea what to do and
say. [...] Your site is very well designed by the way, the layout is perfect
(well, I can't think of a better one).

Eeasy acces to the best seductin information in the world - Join LayGuide!



I've started going to your site about 2 months ago, when one of my friends
told me about it.  Ever since, I've been going to it at least once every
2-3 days. I'd just like to tell you how much this site has changed my
whole attitude towards girls, not to even mention got me some too:).

Before I started reading your site, I wouldn't even dare approach a girl
that I deemed good looking. I frequent alot of clubs and even there, I would
barely get enough courage to ask a 7 to dance. 9s and 10s I would be afraid
to look at. When I started reading at your site, it was as if a whole new
window of possibilities opened up for me. I first tried it out over the
internet. Just found a couple of girls on ICQ and worked patterns on them.
I was amazed that the stuff was actually working. I not only got some of
their phone numbers (only the good looking ones of course:) but some of them
wanted to call me and took mine. I then started doing the patterns over the
phone. While at the beginning some would backfire as the girl would
say something like where did THAT come from? I soon learnt to introduce
them so that they were seamlessly integrated in the conversation. The
results were amazing. At the end of the conversation, (usually about 4AM:)
they would be asking me when they could meet me, or how soon they could talk
to me again.

Soon after I saw the first of these girls. She was an 8, bit short, but
more than made up for that with her amazingly looking face and excellent
rack:). I was a bit scared at first, worried that she might not like me,
or that she would just plainly walk away when she actually saw me.  I'm not
ugly, but I'm 6'5" and only weight 160 lbs. so I'm pretty skinny.
Amazingly enough, she didn't walk away, nor did she react negatively to my
presence. I'm not going to go into details, but after about one hour of
talking in the local coffee shop, during which I elicited values
like crazy, as well as ran more patterns that I could think of (they just came
into my mind, I didn't have to think about them) we ended up in her car in a
deserted parking lot having sex!

Since then I've been going for girls that I wouldn't even look twice at
because they just looked that good. Just last night, me and my wingman
went to a local italian club, and using the 3 second rule, just as the guide
says we went through about 4 pairs of 9s or 10s until we got to two
absolutely gorgeous girls that were more than willing to leave the club with
us. Unfortunately, my girlfriend gave me a phone call so I had to abort the
operation. Oh, and I have a gf now:)

Basically, layguide changed my life.

Yours truly,
Xxxxx Xxxxxxxx
Want to be able to go through 4 pairs of 9s and 10 in one night, with anyone willing to leave with you? Join LayGuide!


I'm 25, and had just been seperated from my wife a couple months back.
I had been with her since right after high school, and even back then
I was a total AFC.The guide has helped me work on my confidence
over the last few months. I started in chat rooms and personal
ads, even getting a little patterning over IM (It worked -
I had a shy teenage virgin promising to give me a blowjob
if I came and visited her - too far away though).

[...] I'm fascinated by the depth of information available from body language!
I've given the address to several online friends, who had great success with it.

It's none of my business if you want to use LayGuide to have a shy teenage virgin give you a blowjob. Join LayGuide!



Let me tell you.. what a massive paradigm shift! Finally I could refine
my technique with the combined knowledge of some of the best pickup
artists in the world. The misconceptions about how to seduce women
had saturated my mind, but the material on your site set my imagination free.
In an online world of dead links, flashy graphics and little content,
your site stands out as one of the most valuable places to get such powerful
information. [...]
The combined knowledge of some of the best pickup artists in the world - at your fingertips. Join LayGuide!


[...]. I absolutely love the guide, its come in so much handy over the
past. [...] Its like a bible for me, at one time i had little confidence talking to
women, but your guide helped me out tons!

- Xxxx Xxxx
The book of books on seduction, delivered right to your desktop via this link - Join LayGuide!


Greetings Tony:

[...] I'm here to tell you the story of how my life changed since I came
by your site one lonely night. [...] Here it goes:
I'm a 20 years old, average-looking guy from Costa Rica, and I'm studying
business. I came by you site 4 months ago in a moment in which my life was a
mess in all aspects, since my self-esteem was very low because I was feeling
extremely lonely, and it was affecting me real hard. I just wasn't able to
relate to any woman in a romantic or sexual way no matter what I tried, my
name should have been Xxxxxxxx "LJBF" Xxxxxx, because that was what all
girls ended up saying to me.
Some five months ago I went to a very cool disco with some friends (whom, by
the way all have girlfriends). I was the loser of the group in pick-up
situations so they were trying really hard to help me find some girl to
dance with because I was the only one that every time that we went dancing
ended up sitting in the table all night completely drunk. Anyway, there was
a good looking HB in the bar (not a top model but she was nice) with two
girlfriends. She was looking to our table and my friends noticed her and
began telling that she was looking at me, I couldn't believe it but it was
true. They told me to go and talk to her but I was too nervous, but then two
guys asked her girlfriends to dance and she was all alone. It was the
perfect moment, a piece of cake, so I took a big drink of my beer and I
walked to her. I stood near her for about 10 minutes still deciding if I
should really talk to the girl, and then I went on. I talked to her for
about 15 minutes (I can't say "we talked" for 15 minutes because all she said
to me was "Hi", her name, and "NO"). As you may suppose she didn't accept
to dance with me, she didn't even accept to talk to me, so I said "what
the hell! It happens to me all the time, this is nothing new" and I left her
and went to the other side of the bar to order a drink to start getting
drunk. Five minutes later when I was coming back to my table, she was
talking with her girlfriends again. They were in my way to the table so I
had to pass near them and I heard them talking ... about me! She was
telling them what I told her, and they were laughing real hard at it. I had
never before heard any girl that I've tried to pick-up talking about me, it
was just devastating! I was a clown to them! That hit me so hard that I
went home immediately and I finally broke down; I began crying like a baby, it
was too much for me. The next day I began looking for help. I was in looking for books to help me with this problem and there were
lots of them, but then something told me to better search in yahoo! for some
site about this and I found lots of them also. I was checking one of them
and it blew me away. They offered guides for picking-up women and all their
propaganda convinced me that it was what I was looking for. The price was
$39.95 so I sold my Bon Jovi CD "Keep the Faith" that Jon Bon Jovi had
signed to me when he came to Costa Rica. It was my most precious possession
but I needed to be a member of that site. With the money in my hand, my
brother in law lended me his credit card and I became a member and I studied
all their material completely (it wasn't that much). I always thought that
it was a little weird, but anyway I had nothing to loose. Using it was the
most embarrassing action of my life. I was making a fool of myself with
their stupid techniques, everything there was a bunch of crap ... or was it
me? Was I so bad with women that even with manuals I wasn't able to do it?
That was it for me, my life was over. After a month of acting like an
idiot, I decided to drop that guide and keep on looking. And one night
I found yours.
I began reading your guide and light hit me at last! I was making all wrong!
And that stupid site I was member of was completely wrong also! I found out
that what Ross Jeffries call AFC was a complete description of myself! I
hadn't ever followed any of the General Rules; my attitude was completely
wrong; I was the "nice guy" type waiting outside in the rain with flowers in
his hands waiting for the alpha/dominant male to die so that the girls will
pick me; I was the "best friend" of every girl I knew and I was sick of
hearing that they didn't want anything with me because that "could ruin
our friendship, so LJBF". I didn't have any of the PUAs characteristics (the
good traits to develop; humor, confidence, good looks, patience,
persistence, smile, romanticism, etc). My approaches and pick-up lines were
pathetic; I had a "dating-minded" orientation, and I was convinced that the
only place to meet women was a bar or a disco. And believe me, the list goes
on and on. After reading your guide my life gave a 360 spin. You won't
believe this but after only two weeks of using "some" of your material, I
FINALLY lost my virginity! (YAHOOOOOOOOO!), with a girl I met in a coffee
shop of my university. I would never have imagined it. I became her boyfriend
but I was meeting so many new women (just following the guide; Experimentation!
Talking to girls everywhere! Fluff Talk! .... it was so easy!) that I dumped her!
ME! the lonely, drunk guy in the table of the disco!
Now I have, after 4 months of using your material, tons of girls calling me
(my sisters and my mom just can't believe that every time the phone rings,
it's for me ... and all of them are girls. In four months, THE BEST 4 MONTHS
OF MY LIFE!, I have received the calls I didn't receive in 20 years). I've
had sex with six of them (although I've met about 40, but I'm still
learning), and I just can't have only one girl in my life ... it wouldn't be
fair to the others :). I'm still far from becoming a PUA, but I'm a quick
learner and I'm doing pretty well.
All that I can say is that your guide saved my life, it is just priceless,
and I can't express with words what it means to me, my confidence has gone
through the roof! I haven't had the chance to read it all; I've not got
deeply into pattering (it is hard so it takes a lot of work to learn it
well), I have not learned the palm reading technique, and I haven't even read
the miscellaneous section, the articles and the field reports, and I hardly
know from memory everything else. I once thought about printing it all, but
since I have 4 sisters I'm afraid of them finding it, so I just keep
visiting your site and learning from it because it's a lot more secure for
me, and I plan to keep it that way. I just can't live without this guide because
I've always been a "blind man" in this matter and this guide has become my eyes
and my cane.
                    A million thanks and keep on doing this great work
It doesn't matter what you look like or how much money you have. What does matter? You'll know when you Join LayGuide!


[...] This guide is an unbelievably useful resource. It's undoubtedly
the most comprehensive guide of its type available (ie. not
supplicative "average frustrated chump" crap). [...]
Read any "how to get women" guides lately? Sure, they offered some useful tips, but did they change your life? LayGuide will. Join LayGuide!

From: Xxx@XxxxXxxxxx.Xxx

Hey Tony!
Love the Lay guide! Lady friend I met online turned me on to it last week
and I was flabergasted at the depth, quality, and quantity of information
on how to get laid. For those of us who have never been at ease with women,
this is a goldmine! I stay up late each night reading till I can't keep my eyes open.

Tim Xxxxx
The goldmine is just a click away - Join LayGuide!


[...] This is by far the most organized and informative of seduction website of them all.
I use your site as my primary guide to seducing women and learning how they think.

       In just a couple of months my relations with women have improved
dramatically. I'm a 20 year old college student who works part time at
a hospital in Miami. As a result I am in the constant company of many
beautiful older female nurses and doctors. Even though many of them find me
attractive, they do not act upon it under the logic that because I'm young
I have nothing to offer them and/or am inexperienced. Through the lay guide
I have learned to convince women I have plenty to offer and that I am the
prize for THEM to earn. I have also learned how to bring about desired
states and anchor them. Whenever I walk up and talk to these women now, if
I have already planted that anchor, I can trigger that anchor (I prefer a
light touch to the back below the shoulder blades). They become completely
focused on ME, virtually ignoring the guy who was trying to make small talk
with them before. I am now talking to a beautiful Brazilian pediatrician who
is 29 and very well established. Many of my CO-workers and other AFCs are
puzzled thinking what does a well established older woman see in a young
college student barely making ends meet. Not to mention being seen with her
has made many of the nurses a lot more flirtatious with me.

I just wanted to let you know your Lay Guide has been like a bible for me
or actually a preferred version of the bible. Whenever I come across something
I wasn't prepared for, I can easily scroll through your list of topics and get
the direct information I need.
Easily accessible, readily available. For those who have joined that is. But not to worry, you can too - Join LayGuide!


I like, quite simply, the way that it's organized--especially the
fact that you took enough time to cross-reference so much of the
material for clarity. It is by far the most easily readable and
understood document of any kind it has been my pleasure to run across.
Although contents is what matters, without proper organization it is only half the deal. Here's the full deal - Join LayGuide!

Subject: Best Site for Seduction on the net


I've got to write to you to say that the info you have on this site is
the best I have seen on the net. Real techniques from how to approach
women to how to get them to bed. I especially like the eliciting techniques
although I still am trying to perfect them. Since I have started using the
skills from your site,  I have noticed women are more flirtatious and
interested in me. And that is just after beginning to use the techniques.
Imagine what will happen when I am mastering them!!!

The most important thing I have learned from your site is not to be a
wimp/sensitive new age guy anymore. I always tried to be girls friends thinking
this was the way to get women. After several years of failure I have discoved
that nice guys do usually finish last. Women want a confident guy at the
attraction point of meeting... funny, arrogant, confident - all make you appear
attractive. Save the nice guy stuff for when you are in a relationship with a
girl. Expose your soft underbelly so to speak evey now and then without being
a pushover - still maintain control.

Anyway great site... easy to find info on and packed with heaps of useful information.
Detailed instructions on converting from a sensitive new-age guy to an "in-control" alpha male here - Join LayGuide!


I've been avidly reading your site for about a month now. I stumbled across
it after failing miserably with a girl I really liked, and after reading
your site I could see all the mistakes I made.
Want to avoid mistakes with a girl you really like by knowing the possible mistakes beforehand? Join LayGuide!


After becoming a 'student' of Layguide, winning with chicks now feels like
I'm playing poker with a loaded deck. There is a lot to learn and even the
best PUA's don't know it all, but with this site it's like dealing yourself
an Ace each time you play - It's so easy, one almost thinks it's cheating ;-)

Here's a way to redeem your ace-loded deck of cards when playing with girls - Join LayGuide!


Hi, Toni
I've been reading your guide for about a month. So far, I've
been the shiest guy, and needless to say, got nowhere with girls.
Since I started reading the Guide, talking to girls is much easier
-- and *fun*! :-) It's what I've been missing: the rules of the
game. I only read about 1/10th of it, but I wanna read the rest
and try every approach. I wanna perfect my technique!

There are no rules. Or rather - you make the rules. Join LayGuide!


I spent the first six weeks of the summer at Arizona State, known for
having incredible girls. I had no friends and lived in a quiet
residence area, so life was pretty boring. The initial three weeks were
excrutiating as I saw many hot chicks around, but had no means to meet
them and no friends to chase them with. I was so frustrated, I checked
the internet for help and stumbled across your site. It didn't take
long for me to grasp the theories in the layguide and since I had
nothing to lose, I went for it. The second half of my time at ASU was a
true epiphany. I met girls, went out with girls, and started to really
have a good time. I'm by no means a PUA, but I'm making serious
progress and I plan on returning to college next semester a changed man.
Your guide is almost solely responsible for this change.

To be able to seduce women at the drop of the hat - Join LayGuide!



[...] I am 16 and a friend gave me the link to your site last year October.
Before that time I was your typical AFC I was pathetic. I was good looking
but for some reason I couldn't get any girls. I used to get sent down to the
store to buy liquer [I live in Jamaica there is no real legal age] while my
friends fucked the girls I was obsessing about.
However, once I read the Guide and learned its teachings everything changed
for me and since october I have laid 4 girls and gotten to second base with
3 others. But, my real trophy is fucking one of my teachers and
the principal's daughter (included in the four). Not bad for a 16 year old
and all thanks to you now I can truly enjoy the best years of my life.
You changed my life. Your guide has given me confidence enough to not only
lay girls but to take further control of my life. Your site is like a bible for me.

Your friend
From a complete "no-go" with girls to laying the teacher and the principal's daughter, all made possible when you Join LayGuide!

Subject: Re: you know.....

I am thankful for having found out about this guide on time. I am only 21
years of age, and I have learned to defend myself against mind twisted women.
Has this guide made a difference in my life? It certainly has and will,
because I now know how get the girl of my dreams and chances are,
I will not settle for less. This is besides all the fun I will be involved.
For a fulfillment of your dreams, plus some additional fun along the way - Join LayGuide!


Hey Tony

Thanks for the layguide. It's brilliant. I've just
split up from my wife for a couple of months and if
I'd read your stuff beforehand then I'd have probably
had a chance of keeping the relationship. Anyhow,
that's spilt milk and all that.

Anyhow, I got your guide a week ago and some of the
advice worked really well, especially practising on
chat and here at work.

The poetry worked a real treat this weekend in the
local pub. I couldn't believe it - the 'pig-headed',
snobby, 'untouchable' barmaid was soft talked round
and when I read the teardrop one then - later - the
'Love Dance 1' that was it!!! Goalllll!!!  Confidence
restored!!!! Just as you said, below the hard veneer
was someone needing real attention. Brilliant and the
ex was pissed off - so I heard - a double whammy.

Thanks for giving me a life back in such a short space
of time.

Xxxx (Xxxxxxxxx) 44 and back in the saddle again!!!!
(Edinburgh, Scotland)
Fallen off the saddle? Or never even been in saddle? In any case, the saddle's waiting - Join LayGuide!

From: xxxxx@XXX.XXX

hi tony:

I am not a guy, but I think this site kicks ass!
your advice is much better than any of the girlie
sites out there, and I love how the site is so
down to earth and doesn't have annoying hearts
and flowers on it.
A lot of the patterns don't really seem to be
applicable to guys, but since I am bi i use them
with women to great success. I also use the site to
weed out the techniques of mad playas who are after
my ass in particular (i am trying to save myself
till marriage at this point), but i have no
problem with men being players in general. I
think everyone should go out and try to get
themself the best, and I am always trying to help
my male friends in their efforts. I have
recommended this guide all over my dorm and
to every guy that i know. My only wish is that
this site had a section for women who also like
to mack like crazy muthas.

Xxxxx Xxxxxx
Like the name suggests - "How to Lay Girls Guide" - the info here works for anyone interested in girls. Join LayGuide!

From: xxxxxx@x-xxxxxx.xxxxx.xx.xx

Hello Tony,

Since I read all the articles about a month ago the responses I have been
getting from the ladies is amazing.. [...] I have recently picked up one
of the sexiest HBs I have ever been with. This is how the story goes. [...]

[detailed story snipped]

[...] I am just about to #-close her as I am dropping her off but as we stop she
interrupts me, gives me a hug. She Italian like kisses me on the right
cheek, then the left cheek, then the right cheek, then the left cheek/lips.
Then proceeds to give a tongue-down. No formalities. She said she just
couldn't help herself. She has since turned out to be a great fuck too! :o)

I guess after reading layguide I realised that alot of seduction is to do
with confidence. I realised that I did neg-hits anyway, without thinking.
But I still didn't have the attitude and confidence to back it up so it
didn't work. And I haven't even started patterning yet! I want to buy a
stronger bed first! :o)

Thank You Layguide!
Owning a strong bed is a plus but knowing what LayGuide knows is a must. Join LayGuide!


Before reading Tony's Lay Guide, I was actually a 28-year-old virgin.
Haven't mentioned it on ASF for obvious reasons of embarrassment,
but it's the truth. And now I've had sex 4 times in 2 weeks, thanks
to your advice!
An ever-growing database of the most successful girl-seducing techniques known to man at your disposal - Join LayGuide!

From: xxxx@xxxxxxxx.xxxxx.xx.xx

The LayGuide has always been THE reference source whenever I am
in need of pointers/guidance in ANY given stuation, and I always make shure I
put its advice into action. It has improved my seduction success to no end.
If you've ever felt like you're at a loss as to what or why happened with any given woman, here are the answers - Join LayGuide!


Hey Tony,

I've read a couple books on relationships and they always
seemed to leave me guessing. The one major difference between
your guide and all the books out there is deep down every man
knows your guide is true. We see the men women date, we look
at that person, is he as nice as we are? No. Is he sensitive?
No. Does he meet her needs? No. So why him instead of me?
That's what this page tells you.

And once you know, why him insted of you - he's out and you're in! Click here for more details - Join LayGuide!


Hi Tony,

Prior to finding layguide, I had little to no success with women and was
indeed the poster-child of the AFC. I was reaching the point of complete and
utter frustration with women and dissatisfaction with my life in general due
to the fact that I was not able to attract the girls whom I was so enticed
by. Truly, life was starting to lose its meaning for me as I was lonely,
depressed, and lacking of the female attention which every man craves,
desires, and certainly needs.

Everything changed when I found layguide. Not only did I learn the tools I
needed to attract girls, but I also discovered that my whole perception of
myself was flawed. I, as an intelligent, caring, compassionate, man was the
prize, not the girls. I stopped asking myself what I didn't have that they
needed and began to approach every situation with a girl with the attitude
"what does she have to offer me and does she deserve all of the gifts i have
to offer." The techniques and comments presented by all of my supportive
brothers at layguide truly changed my life. Through the use of kino,
elliciting values, and patterns I've come to be a PUA in my own right. Now
I'm involved with so many women its hard to keep track of them all. And even
more importantly, this fulfillement has allowed me to succeed in others
areas of life. My days used to be filled with loneliness and dissatisfaction.
But now, having the confidence that I'm going to be with a beautiful woman
who cherishes my company, I have the confidence to devote my days to my
other interests in life as well as my career, rather then wasting time and
energy feeling lonely, lost, and frustrated (yep there's the AFC syndrome I
used to be infected with).
If you've ever been wondering how to get the attention of the women you desire, then this is the place to learn - Join LayGuide!

From: Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxx

Hi there. I stumbled upon your site about a half year ago and
it opened my eyes completely. I started to look upon the game of PU
from a totally different perspective and the wonders of pattern
language worked true magic. I had to translate the patterns into
Swedish, a non-trivial task, in order to be able to use them. Most
importantly, your site changed the way I look upon myself - as my
ability to pick up women grew, my confidence grew along with it and
I now know that I could lay almost any woman. Now I'm seeing the
woman of my life and I intend keeping her!

Thank you,
Whatever your preference when it comes to women, LayGuide will help you fulfill it. Join LayGuide!



I respect truth most of all. I spent so much of my life believing lies.
Men like Ross, you, Maniac, and others, made me realize what a fool I was.
I have been proud to put the Layguide in my signature, for it has
been a big part of my healing.

Knowledge is power. It's not just about "getting laid", but relating
to the opposite sex, and knowing what they *really* respond to. It's
about being a *man*. Thanks in part to your site, I have a much better
foundation to build upon.
Want to be able to tell apart the truth from lies? Let LayGuide open your eyes. Join LayGuide!


HI Tony,
        I have been studying SS for 2 years, and have found it a struggle.
Your site showed me that it is not about having to master all the language,
so much as just playing the percentages and putting yoru best foot forward.
My main focus now is getting past my internal hangups, and reading your site
(which I check weekly) is a great way for me to reinforce that I can do this
stuff and will soon be having more and more success and fun.
Instead of advocating any one specific method, LayGuide gives you all the tools so you can choose for yourself. Join LayGuide!


I had been wondering a long time why *I* don't get any women when all
the "jerks" out there get more than their fair share of female attention.
I mean, just look at me. I'm intelligent, have a great education and can
get a very well paid job anytime anywhere, a great sense of humour,
honest, romantic, loyal, in pretty good shape, I dress great etc. etc.
Still I always woke up alone (maybe because I went to bed alone:). "Is
there something wrong with me?" I could see how the "jerks" got all the
women so I made up my mind to become a jerk and a bad boy. It DIDN'T work
out. I had no idea WHY "jerks" are so successful with women so I only
adapted the bad jerk qualities. Not the qualities that make women put up
with them despite the bad ones. "I can't get women even as a jerk! There
IS something wrong with me!" Standard AFC whining.

Then one day, out of the blue, I stumbled across the LayGuide and it all
made perfect sense. In a few days I realized exactly why I didn't get
any, why "jerks" and "bad boys" do and where I went wrong in my attempts
to become a jerk. I also realized that there's nothing seriously wrong
with me, nothing that can't be fixed. And that my friend, is worth a lot.


I guess you could say that I'm a better man today after reading the
LayGuide. Not only do I know that I really am a great guy who deserves
romance much more that the "jerks" out there. I also know why jerks get
laid. This puts me in a great position. You know how women say they want
one type of guys (guys like me) but still fall the for the opposite
(jerks and bad boys). With my new knowledge I can be that great guy women
say they want AND make them want me anyway!!! Six months ago I would have
said it's impossble! [...]
Why jerks get laid, why nice guys don't, everything becomes clear when you Join LayGuide!


   thanx for your site man. it really change me a lot
for the past 6 months. i was a real AFC before, but
now my friends are surprised on how i pick up girls
and everything. thanks for providing me with this
information that changed my life forever...

The information that will change your success with women for all times to come, all yours when you Join LayGuide!


Dear Tony,

I stumbled across the Layguide purely by chance a couple of months ago, and
it has served as my introduction to systematic seduction. Now a whole new
world has opened up to me, as I realize the many errors I've made in the
past that cost me a lay, as well as the things I've been doing right by
accident. I'm an attractive guy in his mid-twenties, extremely
self-confident and with a provocative sense of humor, so women have never
been a major difficulty for me. But armed with my new knowledge, I've been
able to take it to an entirely new level and can now get laid virtually at
will. After a few more months of this, I expect to be a full-fledged PUA
(pick-up artist)!
Is getting laid virtually at will something you wouldn't mind? Then you need toJoin LayGuide!


   Your layguide was one of the best things that ever happened to me,
and I'm not talking about getting out of AFC state (that came by itself:), but
about changing my life. I live, think, dress, walk, f*ck, etc in a totally
different manner now! Thanks!

Thanks again,
I'll keep it concise - Join LayGuide!



I'm not sure who he's spent too much money on, but he seems to like LayGuide and that's all that matters:) Join LayGuide!

From:	 Takuya Xxxxxx

Hi I really admire your page and I think it really helps with picking up
girls. [...]

Ever had a beautiful girl walk in and out of your life, never even noticing you? Want to change that? Join LayGuide!

From:	 Ken Fxxxxxxx
Subject: SS Home Study Course

First of all, great web site.
I've been subcousiously using many of your techniques for years now with
good sucess. Reading the hows and whys really puts my method in a new
light. Now I can weed out the crap from the stuff that I do right. [...]

Having success with girls? But still ready to improve on that? Join LayGuide!

From:	 Michael Xxxxx
Subject: Your website

I don't know anything about you, but I think that your guide is the best
thing on the internet, and is the solution I have being looking for. I'm
18.5 years old, and this site is a gem - the content is superb, well
written (apart from your spelling, but that doesn't matter), and I hope
sincerely that it does get me laid. I printed out the whole site - it fills
up a lever arch file. I admit to being a AFC before reading it, I'm about
50% of the way through, I hope to be a PUA by the time I've finished
though. Thankyou very much - you may have changed my entire life.

Ps. Your layout does not "suck" - it's great for printing out. I'm keeping
hush about your site, but I'm sure you could write a book (although this
would give the secrets to the masses, hence greating "traffic" as you said
:) ) and make a lot of money should you wish.
If that mail made you curious, I think here's the link you were looking for - Join LayGuide!


MAN I LOVE YOU, thx for this page
and im so happy rite now thx a million bro,

For instructions on how to find the one you've always wanted and needed - Join LayGuide!

From:	 Tom Xxxxxx
Subject: someone has ripped of you lay guide

Hi, after reading you guide, which is pritty good btw,
I found someone had lifted it to their site and taken
all credit. Their site is at http://www.xxxxxxxxx.xx.xx/xxxxxxxx/

[...] I hate to see people lifting things and taking
credit for them when clearly you have put a lot of
effort in..
                        Tom Xxxxxx
The security issues leading to that have now been fixed. Enter the only source of all wisdom - Join LayGuide!

Subject: Favor

BTW, I looked around your site today as well
again... it just keeps getting better and better!
Fucking good job!

And you will start to become better and better in your dealings with the opposite sex if you Join LayGuide!

From:	 Jeffrey Xxxxxxxx
Subject: web design

In all honesty, I think your web site for "laying
girls" is very well designed.  It allows for easy
perusal and access.  Best of all, there are no frames!
It does not suck in the least.

Jeff Xxxxxxxx
If nothing else, then at least the "it does not suck in the least" section should convince you to Join LayGuide!

Subject: thanks
From:	 David xxxxx

It goes without saying that your content is great, BUT I love your web site
design.  It is simple, and easily navigable.  Please don't change it.
Thanks.  And Thanks for the PRICELESS information.

Want some priceless information too? Well, actually there is a small price. Want to know what it is? Join LayGuide!

From:	 C. Xxxxxxx
Subject: site

I won't bullshit, well done on the site, I appreciate the effort that
went into it and you did an awesome job.

Regarding the site design, I am far from critical, in fact, i *love*
old-fashioned text-based pages that load fast and are all about the
content. [...] Congrats again on the site.

Kind Regards,
Cristopher Xxxxxxx,
Company Name XYZ
Exactly - its not about the design, its about the content. Which is why you should Join LayGuide!

From:	 Alexander Xxxxx
Subject: Thanx!

Thank you for making this site:) Since I've visited it, I realized that the
Lets Just Be Friends thing is a waste of time... It helped me to get out from
the awkward, damn, painful LJBF relationship >;(

And now, when a girl says this damn thing, I feel a lot better than if she
would say it before I read it...

Thanx again!!!!
Want to know what to do the next time it looks like another "Let's Just Be Friends"? Join LayGuide!

From:	 Matt Xxxxxxxxx
Subject: your site

This stuff is the shit and I wish I would've read it in College....
now, its given me some great incite on how to live again...

Mathew X. Xxxxxxxxx, MCP
Company Name XYZ,
If you've ever imagined beautiful girls as part of your life in the future, this link's for you - Join LayGuide!

From:	 Richard Xxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Please help.

Cheers for the guide, it is fantastic. [...]

Nice one.
I'll keep it concise. I simply suggest you Join LayGuide!

From:	 Richard Xxxxx
Subject: Reaction to your website

All I can say is "Whoa...!" This is NEAT stuff. My
confidence has taken an upturn with a Really good
weekend with girls, which, frankly, is not typical for
me. I think every guy has the potential to go from
AFC->Playa, but for some (incl. me) the rise is a
difficult journey. Thanks for providing some
guideposts on the way there!

- Richard
Want to know what made all that possible? A chance of a lifetime - Join LayGuide!

From:	 Drew Xxxxx
Subject: The best days of my life have begun...

    Hey bud, it's Drew again. I read through most of the guide this week and
went to a dance with a friend (my new "wing") last night. Good lord, just
sitting there, looking around the place, I could tell exactly what every guy
was doing wrong, what every girl was thinking, and knew pretty well what
every girl wanted :). Needless to say in one night I've gone from waster bum
wandering aimlessly talking to anyone, hoping to strike a chord with a girl
(usually the same one, my old way of thinking was that after 10 or 15 tries
something'll happen, right?). Anyway, I picked up two girls in the hour I
was there and then wound up playing mini-golf with a third one today (that
girl I had talked to 10 or 15 times).
    My friend and I refer to your guide as the "Bible." We both read
extensive amounts of it and tried a wide variety of things. [...]

Can you afford to miss The Bible of seduction? Join LayGuide!

From:	 Xxxxx Xxx
Subject: Comment and question

In the past, I've studied SS and NLP and have still had my share of women
problems. Your site has given me the best educational insight into the
whole scene, and I thank you for that. I have your webpage in bookmark
and written in physical form on two seperate notepads so I don't lose
the address. [...]

old SS brother ...
Want to get the best educational insight into the whole scene of seducing women? Join LayGuide!

From:	 Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx
Subject: Hi Tony

I am one of the readers of your web site.
I adore it! [...]

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Subject: Tony GL

I have to just express my absolute appreciation for your site.

I am a busy married prof. in SF and find your patterning and NLP info
invaluable. And I don't even use this stuff to get laid, just to be more
persuasive and efficient in my communication.
Thanks Tons.
You can even use LayGuide to build your general persuasivness and efficiency in communication. Join LayGuide!

From:	 George Xxxxx
Subject: Success report

Me again !
I only read your page on the weekend....and am already having wonderful
successes with patterns... (my own ones)
I'm having girls throw themselves at me... (IRC) ....just cant wait for an
opportunity to try it out in real life.....

George Xxxxx (Jnr.)
Girls will throw themselves at you both IRC and IRL if you Join LayGuide!

From: Xxx

Hi Tony!
Your get laid page is awesome, I really enjoy it. [...]

A gateway to a better world - Join LayGuide!

From: George Xxxxx

Hello there
this is a brilliant site, Im just very wary now ...having read though most
of it I find myself acting differently ...without trying..
and have to now be careful how I relate to a certain friend.....LoL [...]

Want to find yourself acting differently and more successfully when it comes to women without even trying? Join LayGuide!

From:	 Drew Xxxxx

Hey man, I stumbled on your site one night in desperation for help. I can
never thank you enough for the information on your site, or the results it's
given me. [...]

Desperate or lovesick? Or anguished and heartbroken? Never more, if you Join LayGuide!

Subject: Thanks

Hi Tony

I really loved reading your guide. I think it its the
best one on the net.

The best one on the net? Thus I suggest the following - Join LayGuide!

From:	 Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx
Subject: Question

Hi Tony,

My name is Xxxxxxx. I am truly fascinated with your web site and insights.
You should publish your journal because you are so honest with your
writings. I would be willing to financially back you if you want to decide
to publish a guide.  This book would be perfect to sell where horny single
guys roam.

When I was younger and single, I bought a book about dating called
"Guerrilla Dating Tactics" which was supposed to help me find a female
companion.  The book was so completely wrong because it was written by a
female!  The way the girl wrote made it sound that girls want a polite
whipped puppy boyfriend!  It was frustrating to follow this bogus guide
because girls want a guy with balls.  I have about XXX grand saved up and
would be interested in helping to get your work noticed.  I graduated with a
Business degree from the Xxxxxxx in Xxxxx Xxxxxxxx.  I currently work in the
Marketing Department at my job. I totally believe in your work, so I am
very willing to negotiate a deal with you.

Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx
Minneapolis, MN
Well ya bet LayGuide isn't written by a female! Join LayGuide!

Subject: bible readers

Hi Tony!

I want to say thanks! for the great guide you have.
We are a group of six friends in Buenos Aires (Argentina) who, after talking
a lot about the techniques portrayed in your site, started an email list to
discuss and expand this superior knowledge. Maybe sometime you'd like to add
our translations/contributions in spanish. Keep on the good work!

The information in LayGuide works in Buenos Aires, Beijing, New York - anywhere where there are women nearby. So Join LayGuide!

Subject: another website stealing your content

Hey Tony,

Wanted to let you know that I appreciate your webpage.  Also
wanted to warn you (though I'm sure that you know by now) that your website is being
copied word for word on hundreds of adult websites.  For example these

I already wrote them a strongly worded cease and decist order.  If you
need help - let me know...

Bob Xxxxx
The security issues leading to that have now been fixed. Enter the only source of all wisdom - Join LayGuide!

Subject: Iranian article

dude i love this site. [...] gotta tell ya, the site rulz-

Looks like he liked it. Join LayGuide!

Subject: ATTENTION: Are u Selling this in a book?

Nice site, its awesome reading.. congrats! heheh
Just wondering, do u have this published in a book or are you selling it? If
not, why not? =D I could maybe help out if u did want to make money on
your work.

Although money spells "more attraction potential" (see Introduction), there are better ways - Join LayGuide!

From:	 Lee Xxxxxxx
Subject: Estonia

Hi Tony,

I have read your posts on asf and your website (well done) must
have been a lot of work. I've been a student of seduction, NLP, hypnosis
etc etc for about five years now... anyway I digress. [...]

Cheers for any help
A man who knows his stuff. If his recommendationd did it for you - Join LayGuide!

From:	 James Xxxxxxxxxxx []
Subject: WOW

Im in awe...i simply cant beleive what a great service this is. [...]
P.S...The site has great...wait scrach that...UNBELIEVABLY GREAT content.

agian i say thank very much:)
LayGuide certainly made a difference here. How about you, want your success with girls and women to rocket as well? Join LayGuide!

From:	 Xxxx, Bob
Subject: RE: Guide

[...] Your guide is very helpful, at the least it prevents guys like me from
being butchered by those 9 bitches.
LayGuide helped him start surviving the 9s and 10s of this world. Want to know what LayGuide can do for you? Join LayGuide!

Subject: Thanks

I would just like to say that Thanks to you and others who have contributed
to your page that I have 100 times more confidence than what I once had. [...]

I have been reading your page since it was put up..and have been reading ASF
for over a year now... Actually I never go to ASF anymore. [...]

I don't want to use any of the methods just to get sex.. I actually want a
relationship... but to each their own... :-)  I do let the sex decide wether
I want to pursue a relationship though... I'm just not a juggler.. lol...

Welp I'm sure I've wasted enough of your time.

Take it Easy and Keep it Sleazy...

That's right - be it sex or be it a relationship, LayGuide will show you how to get some. Join LayGuide!

From:	 Katherine Xxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Hooray for How to lay girls


I just stumbled across your site, at first I was like - puh-leeeze!  But
after taking a look around, I feel compelled to let you know that your site
is pretty good! I know that us girls can be confusing and weird (hell, I
don't understand a lot of girls I know either!), we have been socially
engineered this way from birth. A lot of your tips and advice are such an
improvement on many dealings I have had with men. [...]

I am sure many guys have found your website very helpful, dog
knows a lot of 'em need the help:)

Take it from a woman - you need to know what LayGuide knows. Join LayGuide!

From: "JOE WORLEY" <>
Subject: website

I came across your site through a friend. It is great. Already putting
some of the ideas to use. It is sort of an owner's manual for the penis.
Where's your manual? What, you haven't even found one, let alone read one yet? Well, help is on the way - Join LayGuide!

Subject: Your website

I like really like your site alot. [...]
I really like your guide, its very helpful.
I think he conveyed his position on LayGuide fairly well, wouldn't you agree... to Join LayGuide! (tricky eh?:)

From:	 Xxxx, Jose
Subject: information

[...] By the way, thankyou for that manual, i has really come in handy:)  Now, i feel
much more confident and secure about appoarching women.  Rarely, has
one ever refused to dance or talk to me.  ever !  but I owe it to you.
Want to feel more confident and secure as well when approaching women? Join LayGuide!

From:	 Xxxx, Bob
Subject: Guide

Thanks for this wonderful guide. This is a man's equivalent to The Rules.
The book that's been turning nice girls into bitches this decade. Thanks,

Its about giving MEN the power position in a relationship for a change.Join LayGuide!

From: Keith Xxxxx

[...] Just like to thank you for all the stuff on the website.
Helped me a lot :) and I DO like your website. I think the
design is good. I mean it loads fast:)
Yeah, the pages load fast allright. For example, check this one out - Join LayGuide!

Subject: Your web site.....

... helped me regain "hand" in a relationship where I was fucked in the head.
She's a total HB, and last night, her brain was fucked.  Will post all
details to ASF when I get time. Thanks.
He was getting fucked in the head. Yet after a few chapters of LayGuide, she was the one getting her brains fucked out. Join LayGuide!

From:	 Scott X. Xxxxx
Subject: Thanks for tony's How To Lay Girls Guide!

I wish I'd had this guide 20 years ago! It's great stuff - and the sad
thing is that I'm a salesman, but I never realized how much like basic
salesmanship this is. Tony, you're doing us all a favor by putting up this
site. I can hardly wait to try it out. Sure hope my wife doesn't catch
So you see - even if you're married, there's still hope:) Join LayGuide!

From:	 Stephen Xxxx
Subject: Correction

Dear Tony,

Your "Guide" pages are great.  Please let me thank you for putting
in the time and effort to post such valuable "guy advice!" [...]

Best wishes,
Well its either "guy advice" or "girl advice", it depends on your perspective. Oh yeah, I almost forgot - Join LayGuide!

From:	 Xxx Xxxx
Subject: I can't believe it

Just wanted to say that I am very impressed with your web site.
One year ago I decided to find all the information I could on
how to pick up women.  Hours on the net, books, magazines.  I
have to give credit were it is due, yours is the best.  It is
amazing how much bad information is out there. Keep up the great
work, it's an inspiration to everyone that is a recovering AFC.
He studied all the books, magazines and websites he could find, yet none of them came even close to LayGuide. Join LayGuide?

From:	 Matthew Xxxx
Subject: A new pattern?

[...] I consider your site to be the best of the bunch, I always refer to it
when in need - I consider it that good! [...]

The mail speaks for itself:) And you guessed correctly, here it comes - Join LayGuide!

From:	 John Xxxxxxxx

Hey dude , I really like your web site. [...]
You mean you like the women you are able to attract with what you learn from LayGuide? Join LayGuide!

Subject: How to Lay Guide business venture...
From:	 Duncan Xxxxx

Hi [...]
About 5 minutes ago, another friend of mine emailed me the URL of your
website, just saying it was cool and that I needed to see it.  When I saw
your guide I was in awe of it. [...]

Duncan Xxxxx
Receiving the URL, becoming in awe of LayGuide and writing a letter - all within 5 minutes. Join LayGuide!

From:	 Professor Rxxxxxx
Subject: Thank you


Just a note to say how much I appreciate your site.  I'm married, but
enjoyed my later bachelor years a great deal after many, many trials and
errors in the late 1960's and early 1970's.  I especially enjoyed the
wonderful moment each time when the shy girl with the excuses and worries
would suddenly turn around and let loose her bottled up lust.  Now that I
read the material here, I can see why some things worked and others did not. [...]

                         -- Rxxxxxx
But how does knowing what works and what doesn't right away sound? Join LayGuide!

Subject: her friends

i want to say that your website has a lot of good stuff in it. [...]
Do you trust him? Yes, but it is always ultimately better to see for yourself - Join LayGuide!

From:	 Tony Xxxxxxxxx

I used to do well with the ladies until I fell in love and was out of
circulation for a couple of years. I came across your website as I was
looking for info on dating and I am glad I did.
Want to regain the upper hand with the rest of the women of the world? Join LayGuide!

Subject: You're cool!

[...] You are just so tight in my book for doin all that for your site
it is on my top 5 places on the net
Being one of the top 5 places on the net ain't too shabby at all. So Join LayGuide!

Subject: Thanx

Of all the women meeting books and websites out there, I think this is one of
the best, if not the best! Although I think some of the lines are too bold
and the neghits a bit questionable, the level of detail that you go into is
astounding. I have been looking all over for advice on boyfriend destroying,
although  I think implementing it might be hard at first... "I have a
boyfriend" is something that I get a lot from after # requests. The palm
reading is brilliant, that was an idea I came up with and started using
three years ago!!!
"Of all the women meeting books and websites, this is probably the best". Hey, here's a good idea - Join LayGuide!

Subject: nice

i think your site has a very nice design. simple. you're not
selling bells and whistles. you're educating knowledge. [...]
Bingo. No dingle-dangle to gobble up your bandwidth and force your computer on its knees. Only pure knowledge. Join LayGuide!

Subject: Copyright?


I don't know if you're aware or not, but there is a site
( that has cut-and pasted your material (your How
To Lay Girls Guide), changed the layout, and is charging a
membership fee for your webpage. [...]

The security issues leading to that have now been fixed. Enter the only source of all wisdom - Join LayGuide!

From:	 Stuart Xxxxxx
Subject: Help!!! :)

Hey there, I saw your site "How to lay girls guide".. very very informative!
And hey alot of your stuff works too! :) [...]

Of course it works - that's the whole reason of existence for Looks like time to Join LayGuide!


great stuff, it works!
And for those wondering what exactly is the great stuff that works - Join LayGuide!

From:	 Tonyy Xxxxx
Subject: your excellent website

Congrats for having the most up to date, useful ss website. [...]

Yes, we do cover the basics of Speed Seduction® as well, but there is so much more to LayGuide that you simply have to Join LayGuide!

Subject: intro line

I was reading some of your advice and I found in most useful in the last
couple of times I have been on the prowl. [...]
Want to know something useful before another round of girl-hunting? Join LayGuide!

From:	 David Xxxxxxxxx
Subject: help!

Hey Tony, I would just like to say that your website is really
helping me out. [...]

Most probably meaning he's noticed a very positive change in women's attitudes towards him. Want to join him? Join LayGuide!

From:	 Xxxxxxxx Xxx X
Subject: this site rocks!

     you have saved me so much time needlessly searching around the net
for the info... thank you for making the effort to make things easier
for us guys out there getting laid... good job... the site layout is
fine... it works doesn't it?

Want to save time from needlessy searching around the net for the best seduction information? Join LayGuide!

From:	 Xxxx Xxxxxx
Subject: Your work---Proposition for you

After reading your site, I must say that I am impressed. I am writing
to you to propose a publishing contract for your writings. I feel that
there is an absolutly enormous potential for your work. [...]
I feel there are possible millions to be made here.

Let me know if you are interested,
Xxxx Xxxxxx
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From:	 Xxxxx Xxxxxxxxx
Subject: I Love Your Guide!!!!!!!

i love your guide man!!!!!! really helpful stuff in there!!!!! i am
gonna use all these tips on a girl I particulary like!!!!!!! and every
HB i see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you're a great help!! people like you are
really rare.
The thanks goes to all the countless suppliers of invaluable strategies for getting the girls. Join LayGuide!

Subject: (no subject)

Hey Tony,
     You know I'm a player myself and I've delved into the Speed Seduction stuff.
It isn't the "miracle drug". I don't dress that nice(nice tee shirt and jeans
is all I ever wear, along with a good leather jacket). I'm very confident
with women and I find that if I just let that loose, I can do better than any
SSer. SS seems to be the method of bald, ugly, fat, old people, and I don't
get that great response from women when I do the SS shit. What I am saying
is that I can get a lot of girls by just being confident about myself. I say
really blunt shit, practically grab her tits, and I'm in. I am good looking
to women, by the way. You need to just be confident and take her.
    I've tried the SS and it doesn't work for me. I feel like a pretty boy
sucking up to a girl's pussy. I can't do that. Romantic candles, smooth
music, and dressing up nice makes me sick. I'll go as far as jeans and a
nice shirt, but that's all I need.
    But to a total geek, nasty old person...this is the way to go...
SS can be extremely effective as well, but apparently - its not for everyone. LayGuide however gives you ALL the tools. Join LayGuide!

Subject: permission

hi, my name is matias xxxxx, i live in buenos aires, argentina (south
america, far far away), and i was seekin for some help in the web to improve
my perfomance with the girls. I found your site and i was shocked and
amazed, so useful, that makes me wanna use some of your articles to share
with my friends in a web site we all have (in spanish,well, i have to
translate somo of them). So i'm asking  you for permission to use some of
your articles in this site...

please let me know your answer soon as you can...

best regards
matias xxxxx
If you can't take any more of this brain-washing, here's a link that will bring ultimate relief - Join LayGuide!

From:	 Pablo Xxxxxxxx
Subject: Thanks


Thanks for taking the time to make this kind of info available to us
all. Its social-concious persons like you, Maniac and others in ASF that make
us save precious time trying to figure out the complex nature of women.

I write this to tell you that im starting to practice this little game
and so far I've learned a a great deal from your site.

I'm still learning and trying to overcome my clumsines in approaching
women, but I've read here of how to solve many situations that have (or
would have) prevented me from laying the ocassional date I get.

Hopely you`ll see progress reports on ASF soon:)

Thanks Again:     PABLO
Want to save time figuring out the complex nature of women as well? Join LayGuide!

From:	 Jerod Xxxxxx
Subject: Guide to Laying girls

Tony - Once again thank you for the great confidence builder. [...]

If in need of the same kind of confidence-building - Join LayGuide!

Subject: A suggestion


[...] Thanks man, the guide is great. Its a good refresher course.

Whether you've been through any fancy courses and books or not, doesn't matter - we cover it all, so just relax and Join LayGuide.

From:	 Jerod Xxxxxx
Subject: Guide to Laying girls

Tony -
I must say that your guide definitely works! When I was reading it I was a
little aprehensive but I decided to give it a try on this girl I just met
and was taking out for the first time. I decided to focus on being a man and
knowing my place and also being confident. The first I told her to do when
she got in the car was give me a hug. She bought it hook line and sinker.
From there on the tempo was set.

I was going into this date scared and nervous but I remembered to stay
focused and go step by step. IT WORKED!!! I had her creaming her panties by
the end of the night. She wanted to go further but I decided to play with
her head and make her wait till tonight! I never knew I could be so
confident and dominant. Thank you very much for writing this comprehensive
guide on how to make a chick think you are god. Oh yea, the nice guy approach
definitely doesn't work. I've used it for the past 4 years and never got
shit. The minute I changed my style to the more Alpha Dominant is when it
all hit me. Everything you wrote is 100% true and I wish I would have known
this 4 years ago when I first started dating. Take it easy and keep up the
good work...

Jerod Xxxxxx
If you don't read the letter above, you'll never know how LayGuide can change your life. Unless of course you Join LayGuide!

From:	 xxxx.xxxxxxxx@xxxxx.xxxxx.xx
Subject: thanks


wow, this page is really great and really changed my life....thank you
thousands of times....THANK YOU
If you think there is still room for improvement in your success with the opposite sex - Join LayGuide!

Subject: Your Guide

    Hello. A friend of mine recommended your page as being very funny. I
hope that doesn't offend you, because I gather you intend it to be
serious. I thought it was very insightful, and not really offensive.
It's surprising how accurate your information is regarding the
majority of people. [...] The last thing I'd like to say is this - I
am female.
Another stamp of approval from those, who in fact this site is all about:) Join LayGuide!

From:	 Mario Xxxxxx
Subject: Much Praise

I just wanted to let you know that because of your articles I have learned
more then I could possibly appreciate I now know what it is like to truly be
in control.

Sincerly, Mg
If you would like to be able to be in control of your lovelife as well - Join LayGuide!

Subject: Help Help Help Help, I need some of your wonderful advice

[...] thanks alot mate

PS: top advice you are giving out, i use most of it and it works. The best is
the cold approach i think it always works.
Want to find out what the cold approach is? Join LayGuide!

Subject: Lay website

Dear Sir,
I found your site tonight and am very pleased to have done so. I have
purchased Ross' SS home study kit (before finding your site, unfortunately). [...]
I look forward to more on your site.
LayGuide can be an unbeatable companion to whatever related material you already own - Join LayGuide!

Subject: seduction

Hello Tony,
I just found your web-site and I have to tell IT'S AWESOME.
Just incredible interesting and fun reading for real players.
Keep up good work.

Regards from Finland,
For experienced players and clueless beginners alike - we will show a path to even more success with women. Join LayGuide!

Subject: Lay Girls Guide

Hi, I must write to you once just to say i really like
your guide. See, I didn't try to hit on girls for the
last 3 years because I just gave up trying, I never
came to a point. But somehow I always thought there
must be a way to improve but had no place to share my
ideas with...

Then comes a friend who recommends your site. I
practically dived into it and ate everything on your
pages like a hungry - uhm- wolf or something, and my
experiences with girls *drastically* improved. Many,
many girls just seem to be interested that I wouldn't
dare to watch into their eyes before, well everything
is just so, incredibly... wow! THANK YOU! (Now
this is dead-serious:) You have made me a better

If you sometimes feel like giving up as well, here's a lifeline - Join LayGuide!

Subject: Thank you!!

My name is xxx xxxxx and i live in Israel.
i went to your website (how to lay girls guide)
and i tried to use the tips you gave there.
i used the "if she cancels a date tip"
and it worked perfectly!!! thank you so much!!!!!
you have a great site!!!

Xxx Xxxxx
Only the best tips, tried and tested by experts (e.c. "cancels a date" tip by Ross Jeffries). Join LayGuide!

Subject: Your Website

I must say, I don't know where you get it all, but your website is
frightening. I, being female, am extremely disturbed. Yes, honestly, I
would love to have a guy like what you advise. BUT, only if it were genuine.
If a guy can't think of those things on his own, or is just doing it all for
sex, then it's just wrong. [...]
As genuine is what we are and we are what we learn and implement, then here's a way to become a man women want - Join LayGuide!

Subject: Use of your guide on my site?

Hi :D

First I just gotta say your site rocks :D Even tho im
a studmuffin and have no problems scoring hot bitchez,
I still find it a good read:)
Approved by an expert ladies-man - the best kind of approval there is. Join LayGuide!

Subject: gotcha!!

[...] well so far the problem with me was that i studied
the speed seduction but still something seemed to be missing.
i needed a bridge, a link to connect from the start point to
the patterns. eliciting values did it for me. this actually
helps me to strike an instant rapport with people, i make
them feel things, and boy i'm never forgotten. i owe this
all to you. brother if there is anykind of help u need from
me just write to me. and whatever happens to this earth
don't shut this site up.
LayGuide was able to fill in the blanks of even one of the most advanced systems of seduction. Join LayGuide!

Subject: hi

I have read most of your cool site. Nice work, this is going to help me
immensly. [...]

Constantly updated help available here - Join LayGuide!

Subject: Lay Guide on CE

Tony, Hi.

Just wanted to post you a BIG thank you for putting the guide togrther.
I'm habitually putting mates onto it in the hope of a decent wing or two
sometime in the future. I have just this evening loaded the guide onto my
Casio palm computer so that I have a ready reference with me on the go.
I find that reading your site gets me thinking in the right way.

Kind regards,
	Scott Xxxxxxxx
Become successful with gorgeous girls yourself, then let your envious friends in on a little secret - Join LayGuide!

Subject: How to Lay Men

Please come up with a website devoted to how us women can lay men. We need to
know what men are really thinking and if we have a chance when we sense some
kind of attraction. Thanks
Although a lot of the principles can help women too, LayGuide is primarily tailored to suit the male population. Join LayGuide!

Subject: HLGguide

Hey, I'm feelin' your entire  guide here, and as a bit of a scientist
casanova I can't dispute one fact on your webpages...  (It was especially
wise to get a bit indepth with the Kino-shit ).
Most generic "how to date" books and websites are only frowned upon by field veterans. Not so with LayGuide. So Join LayGuide!

From:	 Ali Xxxxxx
Subject: How to Lay Girls Guide

I just wanted to let you know that your guide rules!
Love your poems by the way. (specially nr 2)
Thanks to you my life has become much more fun.

so Thank you!
How about some more fun in your life as well? Easy, just Join LayGuide!

Subject: your newsletter

Hello Tony,

Congratulations!!! Your site is the most interesting I've found so far on
the Net. Downloaded it all on my hard drive! Keep updating it, man. [...]

Very best regards,
Valentin (Vali)
So what does the most interesting site on the net contain? Ssshh, quietly, click here - Join LayGuide!

Subject: Comment on your website


I've visited your /layguide site a couple of times,
and it's AWESOME!! Thanks for summarizing the content
on ASF this way, it's very useful - keep up the good
work!! :-) [...]

Once again, thanks! :-)
The newest, best, most successful seduction techniques, summarized right here - Join LayGuide!


This is such an awful website. I can't understand why guys only care about
sex sex sex. I mean come on, why in the world do guys have to play games. It
is obvious that you all read out of the same book of bull. I just can't
understand what's wrong with you men. Women were not placed on this earth
just to open up their legs to men. And we are definitely not toys. You all
need to be hit on the head with a holy brick from God or something. You all
need a prayer.
Please, can I have a moment of silence for a prayer... ok, thanks, NOW LET'S PARTY! Join LayGuide!

Subject: Your site.

Your site is the best advice site I have run across on
the entire world wide web. Seriously.
The design is fine, you don't need all that graphic
bullshit. It's easy to navigate, doesn't take long to load on
a browser, and is jam-packed w/ quality content.
Keep it up.           M. Xxxxx
Can you afford to miss out on the best advice site on the entire world wide web? I thought not:) Join LayGuide!

Subject: great site

First of all, i'll start by saying I was kind of skeptical when I found the
link to your site. And even more so when I perused the contents. I read a
few of the first articles, and didn't think much of them. However, when I
was at a party the other night, I tried to apply some of the things I read,
and... surprise, surprise... 4 phone #'s. I'm going to read your site top to
bottom, but not without first writing to congratulate you on such a great
job. And also to thank you for making all this information available for
poor dolts like me and my friends. [...]

Feeling sceptical maybe? Then read the above mail again. Now feel your cursor moving towards... Join LayGuide!

From:	 Josh Xxxxx
Subject: HTLG

	First and foremost, I thank you for taking the time to make this
information available to me and the rest of the guys who are searching Yahoo
for information. This guide is so useful. [...] Actually, I'm 17 years old,
and thank God I found it at such a young age. I've had access for
about three months, I really can't remember many of the patterns yet...
but some of the techniques have definitely been working. Thanks.

And you might be thanking your lucky stars sooner than you think as well:) Here's a start - Join LayGuide!

Subject: foxhunt techinque?

I want to start by saying that I think your site
rules! You put a lot of work into it and it shows! AND thank
god you don't have any stupid, fucking adds cluttering
it up! [...]

Pure knowledge, delivered to your browser at an absolutely maximum speed - Join LayGuide!

Subject: Thought you'd want to know

Tony, [...]

I think you've done an incredible job of putting this material together,
highly support the good work that you're doing, and would like to see
you be around for a long time.

Well, I'd like to see myself be around for a long time as well, thanks:) Join LayGuide!

From:	 Frank Xxxx
Subject: Romantic Music Suggestions

[...] Thank you so much for what you have done with the
web site. Just what I was looking for. If I can do a favor
for you, for what you have done for me, let me know.

And what you were looking for is right here - Join LayGuide!


I think you've given me the best laugh of my adult life!!!  I'm passing
on the cold approach to my boss and the misc. suggestions and
observations about seduction to my best friend who has the worst luck
with women.
Sounded like a female comment, sounded like a positive comment:) But how's this sound - Join LayGuide!

Subject: hey

Your website is the best i have been across in a while. I was looking for
tips on flirting with this one HB and wow i got my answer. I dont know if she
likes me or not but, what the hell i am going to try. Thanks to your great
website i will have many ways of attracting her. Thanks ever so much. [...]

Thank you. i am going to try the handwriting thing this week. yeah. Thanks

I am no master. However, the collective male seduction knowledge of LayGuide sure would make one badass master! Join LayGuide!

From:	 Mario Xxxxxxxx
Subject: Your site is amazing...!

I just wanted to drop you this short note to thank and congratulate you for
your site. It really is amazing, a treasure trove of wisdom.... I realize it's
not all yours, but you go to the trouble of compiling and formatting it for us
non-ASFer's... no nonsense, no BS, and now, no banners! Wow.
Thanks a bunch, and keep up the great work! You're doing the world a service...!

    Regards from a reforming AFC,
Can you afford to pass on the "treasure trove of wisdom" of seducing girls and women? Join LayGuide!

From:	 marc xxxxxx
Subject: Article suggestion....

[...] Thanks for your site, its a hell of a resource --
A huge resource of amassed seduction information in exchange for a tiny bit of your resources here - Join LayGuide!

Subject: u doin a great job outthere

hey! toni pal u are great !
 u know while surfing i hit upon your site and bingo !
 a new world opened before my eyes!! [...]
 so 'bout your site    -    it is superb!!!!!!! .
 believe it or not , but your book actually
 guides a chum like me to be a super confident stud, yeah!
 u really did a great job for me. [...]

goodbye then!
If a "super confident stud" sounds like something you want to be with women, here's your ticekt - Join LayGuide!

Subject: How to Lay Girls Guide web site


I must admit this is an INTERESTING site and I enjoyed reading your advice.
It's good to know my use of eye contact, kinos and occasional hugs and
kisses are effective after all. Great work ! [...]

good hunting,
Michael Xxxxxxx
Want to know what you're doing right and what could be done better in your dealings with girls? Join LayGuide!

From:	 Brian Xxxxxxxx
Subject: WEB PAGE

Dude your site really rocks! If ross jeffries had as much content as this
page he would be out of business! keep up the good work.

Ross's stuff packs a punch. But so does the collective seduction knowledge amassed at LayGuide. Join LayGuide!

From:	 Peter Xxxxx

I tried to read as many articles as i could in two hours.  I printed tons.
I am so happy to find information like this.  Thank you. Keep up the good
work!  Your site is a Godsend.
And who are we to turn down a Godsend:) Join LayGuide!

Subject: Comments on your site

Hello, allow me to introduce myself. I'm 20 years old, a "Nice Guy",
an "AFC" -- you get the idea.  I havent had much luck with women and
I thought it was partly because I am deaf (I know how to both speak
and sign). But the other part, that I couldnt figure out. So I read
the whole how-to-lay-girls guide. I learned a helluva load of stuff
that I wish I knew before! I realized that my girl-getting approaches
were loaded with mistakes and gaffes. Now that I know the stuff, I
have a good opportunity to turn my love-life around... BIG TIME =].

A lot of the things you'll learn here, you're going to wish you knew before as well. Better late than never though - Join LayGuide!

From:	 Gary Xxxxxxx
Subject: grooooooooooooooovyyyyyyyy baby

I have to say that your site has one of the largest and non-biased
views I have heard on the internet for some time. I am looking forward
to reading all of the articles on the web site.
KEEP up the GOOD work

Want some extensive and non-biased information on how to capture the interests of all the objects of your affection? Join LayGuide!

Subject: Your Getting Laid Website is great

yea hi, i'd just like to tell you that your Website is the FIRST non-BS guide
to actually getting laid. I always considered myself the "Alpha Male" but
didn't know what to call it, NOW I do =).  This website reminded me of lots of
tips I had forgotten like keeping up eye contact, thanks a lot and good luck
with the site

Xxxx XxXx
the ONLY Alpha Male
With LayGuide you can have any gorgeous woman do anything for you. Whether you want to get laid, that's up to you;) Join LayGuide!

Subject: How to lay girls guide

I am a Woman. I found the body language articale to be fascinating.  It is
so true, I didn't see one thing listed there that I didn't do, and it's about
time there's a list so men know what I am doing.  Well usually I am the blunt
type if I want it I don't ask, I just do it. It's about time men have a
guide to go by. :0)
Yet another stamp of approval from a representative of the opposite camp. Time to Join LayGuide!

From:	 amanda xxxxxxxxx
Subject: hi

Hi! Well my older stepbrother was looking at your page and told me to look
at it, I said okay. At first I thought it was gonna be nasty, but i looked at
everything on it and have to say its pretty good. [...]


p.s. if ya ever need anything from a girls point of view for your 'site tell
me and ill help ya
If a girl says "pretty good" about a site instructing guys how to lay girls, there's gotta be something there. Join LayGuide!


Finally something that I've been looking for.
There are hundreds of websites and books,
but THIS IS IT! [...]
Do you want to keep looking or do you believe the search is over? Join LayGuide!

Subject: Netscape problems

First of all, I would like to say that you are a GOD!
I don't know where you got all those patterns and also
other non-Ross Jefferies seduction related material,
but thank you. I bought the Basic Home Study Course
for a hefty sum and only got like 5 or 6 unrelated
patterns. For all the work you've done collecting and
compiling all this seduction info, I thank you. [...]

I'm not god. I'm just the messenger. But if you want to see what the messages are, Join LayGuide!

From:	 Adam Gxxxxxx
Subject: Wow!

	I am currently at my parents house, and I recently found your site. I
am extremely impressed at it and want to thank you for all the
information you collected. Your site now makes me realize what I want to
be like in life, and how I should be in relation to women. [...]

Thanks again!
Clueless about what and how to be in order to attract the girls and women of your dreams? Join LayGuide!

From:	 Luis Xxxx
Subject: Thank you very much!

Hi there, I' ve just had the luck of stumble into your website and i
became amazed at the amount of good information that it
provides. As it is probably one of the best sites on the subject. [...]
But above all I want to thank you for a job well done.

    Wish you the best of luck
Plus that site has been constantly improving ever since. Hop on the bandwagon - Join LayGuide!

Subject:	 your mail

sometimes Tony, I think you're like the oracle from the matrix, you know the
information centre... I thank you. [...]

take it easy; )
And now the Oracle tells you: "You got the gift... but I can only show you the door - Join LayGuide!"

From:	 William Xxxx
Subject: Your database

	The pure psychology involved in what you guys are talking about is
incredible, I have half a mind to tell some pysch proffessor friends about
your site, it's just really interesting the trial and error predictions
that have been made and drawn-up conclusions. [...]

Rock hard, rock steady, rock on
Bill Xxxx
Its incredible, but not as increadible as how easy it actually is to understand and implement as well. Join LayGuide!

Subject: Ross Jeffries

I've been reading your online guide, how to lay girls since Friday. Since
then it has revolutionized the way I think about women. I've known for a
while now I was going about things the wrong way, but I didn't know why.
Now I do. Thanks. [..]

Once again, thanks.
An up and coming ASF
Is the way you think about women now making you amazingly successful with them? Or would you like to Join LayGuide?

From:	 Robert Xxxxxxxx
Subject: Great!

Your site is simply GREAT!  I've never seen a site with so much good
info! I recomended it to all my good friends (the rest dont deserve it,
plus then I would have competition...)  But I'm just emailing to thank
you for making this site, I've been looking for a site that would help
me with patterning, but I couldent find anything till I saw your site.
When I learn more about patterns I will definatly contribute to your
site.  But, right now, its GREAT... and I bet you are really popular
with the girls arn't you?  Oh come on, dont lie, you have them hanging
off of every limb dont you?  All I know is that I only read about half
the stuff and have barely implemented it yet and I already have girls all
over me...  It rules!  Thank you!  You are the master!  I am but a
simple pleabien compared to you, you are a seduction god!  I take you on
as a mentor, hope you dont mind...   Anyways talk to ya later...

If you're just reading this comment, better read the letter above. Then click here - Join LayGuide!

From:	 Adrien Xxxxxxx
Subject: always two there are... a master... and an apprentice

hi Tony
i just found your web page. i had already read ross jeffrie's book
a couple of years ago, i've got to admit that your material by far
outpaces ross's [...]

Ross's present material also outpaces his book, but LayGuide ain't half bad either:) Join LayGuide!

Subject: Thanks Man

Hey Tony how's it going? I'm writing to you to thank you for the killer
web page you put up. I broke up with my girl friend last year do to
her cheating But ever since i read your write up on Alpha Dominant Males
every thing has changed Girls can't get enough, i'm the man at parties,
and i now have total control over my girl friends and get this my old
girl friend wants me back but i'm having so much fun being the
Dominant male that I don't want her back at all

                                           Can't thank you enough
                                                  Chris Xxxx
                                             Winnipeg manitoba canada
Wanna be the man at the parties? Wanna have girls all over you? Don't worry, it's all here - Join LayGuide!

From:	 Eva Axxxxxxxx
Subject: comment

Buddy Friend of mine mailed me your 'getting laid advices', since we have
alot of discussion about these games people play.
and I must say I had to laugh so hard. All the hassle you guys go through
... all that bullshit (not that women don't do the same - just different),
and the most amazing thing is, that it actually works.

Anyway thanks for making me laugh and realizing how very strange men and
women are.
Nothing to brighten a day like positive female feedback:) Join LayGuide!

From:	 Twoey Clarke 
Subject: Your "How to Lay Girls Guide" Site

Because your page is so outstandingly cool, I would like
to make a link to your page from my own page.  (That makes
good sense, huh?) Please e-mail and let me know if this is OK with
you. [...]

I am a heavy surfer and I have only the best taste, no, that's not
true - only the finest taste in links, and believe me, your page is one
of the best!

        My URL is:
You can go check him out. That is of course, after you've visited this page - Join LayGuide!

Subject: Outstanding website!!

I have taken Ross' BHSC and the info in your site has been an incredible
addition to my education. THANK YOU!  Larry Xxxxxx
LayGuide was able to fill in the blanks of even one of the most advanced systems of seduction. Join LayGuide!


Tony, [...]
I just love this site, but only this weekend I have felt the force and
foreseen the future and am able to go into action,  whatever you do,
please keep this site going as it is almost a lifeline to those that
wish to be different, and above all, SUCCESSFUL!!!

regards for now
James Xxxx
And if you wish to be successful with the women in your life, here's your lifeline - Join LayGuide!

From:	 Antarax Xxxxxx
Subject: thanks for your site!

im from italy, i want to give you many thanks for your web site
is fantastic!:)

thanks again!
If LayGuide is fantastic enough for the ladies-men of Italy, would it also be good enough for you? Join LayGuide!

From:	 Scott Xxxxxxx
Subject: great site

I just wanted to say you have a great site and I wanted to thank you for
putting it together.  The simple, no BS links with intro commentary to the
side are the way all sites should be.
Fast-loading and easily navigable, but that all pales in comparison to the only thing that matters - content. Join LayGuide!

Subject: Your pages r amazing

Great work Tony!!!!
I think your pages are the best collection of seduction material in
whole net.
helsinki, finland
Can you afford to pass up the opportunity to discover the best collection of seduction material on the net? Join LayGuide!


Hey man!
I can honestly say this site has so much information, that it just kicks
arse!!! WELL DONE on a excellent informational site. LOVE IT!!!

James Xxxx
With so much information in LayGuide, you are bound to find the strategies that are also perfect for you. Join LayGuide!

From:	 xxxxxxxxx@aol.commmmm
Subject: New webpage - How to Lay Girls

Outstanding site. All the info is right there.
I wish I'd had it when I was a newbie.
Ever had any questions when it comes to seducing women? Here are the answers - Join LayGuide!

Subject: Your site


I saw your site! It is very very good, I am absolutely
fucking impressed! You put alot of work into it! [...]
Again, the site - fucking excellent job! You should be
proud! Really fucking good site! I linked to it from my
page as well this morning!
Want to know, what exactly impressed him so much? Join LayGuide!

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