Do my looks matter?

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Yes, but not nearly as much as you think they do.

Men judge women primarily by their looks - face, hair, eyes… ok-ok, I know, some of you might prefer to start this list with breasts and buttocks:) Anyway, more than anything else it is looks that turns us on… and also what turns us off. So its only natural that we think the same works for women.

Women however attribute much less importance to how a man looks as opposed to how the man can make her feel - patterns, value-eliciting, Mr Smooth etc strategies are direct derivatives of that realisation. Good looks - the right face, body, clothes - will get you an audition with a woman much more easily. But ONLY an audition. From that point on it all still boils down to how you can make her feel. So yes, you'll get more auditions the better you look, but its your ability to make the girls feel sparkles, tingles and magic deep down inside that makes them want you, not your looks:) See also the "Iranian from Hell" story by Maniac High (in LayGuide's membership section).

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