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Please stop for a moment and reflect. What is it that you strive for in life? Is if fame? Fortune? To be skillful in your field of choice? What is it that you're occupied with in your life right now? Maybe you're studying, maybe working, whatever it is, notice one common denominator - improving yourself.

But why? Because its fun to be buried under heaps of books, or it feels good to work 'til you collapse of exhaustion? Hardly. Still we keep making sacrifices (time, energy etc) to constantly improve. Which is good, the society, the whole world needs skillful people. Doctors, lawyers, scientists, engineers - civilization would first stop progressing and then even functioning properly without them (ok, so some of you might disagree on the lawyers:). But do we really have "the fate of the world" in mind when we strive for excellence? No, our considerations are much more down-to-earth. To be more skillful and to excel more means - to be able to acquire a position of more power, more wealth, more fame, more... attraction potential?

Now why does owning all these things - power, money, fame and any of their various derivatives like luxury yachts and sports-cars, Rolexes and Armani clothes, big muscles and a high IQ, an important job, a known name or a famous face - make us feel SO DAMN GOOD? Sure, a Ferrari might be a little more comfy than a VolksWagen, or a Rolex a little more accurate than your average Casio, but that's not the real reason is it:) For the majority of us they simply stand for - MORE ATTRACTION POTENTIAL!

This is how it goes down for a few "lucky" people - study your butt off, then work your butt off, then eventually either become famous (pay for it with your privacy), or rich (pay for it with your health and nerves), then display your goods (face if you're famous or car/rolex, if you're rich) and HOPE that more girls will like you so you'll have more and better quality girls to choose from.

This is how it goes down for the rest of us - study, then work, create some additional value (work out at the gym, buy some trendy clothes, remember a few jokes), then display the goods and hope that at least some girls will like you.

In effect - do this, do that, do the third thing, then just do a zillion more things and then hope that while doing the final and most important thing (approaching the girl of your dreams so your life will finally have some meaning) all your previous accomplishments will kick in and you'll end up being the winner. (The girl of your dreams: "Let's just be friends"). Well ok, maybe next time you'll end up being the winner. (The next girl of your dreams: "LJBF"). Well ok, maybe... etc etc (having fun yet?:).

Why don't we just cut to the chase and get the girls by simply DOING IT RIGHT! Which is not to say you shouldn't strive for your dreams, for they are in integral part of what you are, what you expect, what you want to be and how you see your role in this world. Just remember that there's absolutely no causal effect between your daytime and your nighttime dreams - the achieving of one does NOT achieve you the other. Believing so however means postponing a chance to make those nighttime dreams a reality TODAY!

All our lives we are being taught that there are no shortcuts in life. True, if you take the same route as everyone else - stuck in a traffic jam, slowly crawling towards your goal. Few dare to take a different route for fear of ending up in a dead end alley. But some have dared, and through trial and error have discovered what indeed have proved to be shortcuts. In making your dreams a reality TODAY by helping you find and make good use of those shortcuts is where I hope this guide will prove to be of help. Just remember, a shortcut is useful only as long as only a few know about it. Once it becomes public knowledge... you might once again find yourself stuck in a traffic jam:)

Good luck (you won't need it by the way, for it's not about luck - you'll see:).

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