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Ross Jeffries: "Are you into metaphysics? Do you believe in astrology? Astral projection? ESP? Tarot cards? What's that you say? You think it's all a bunch of crap? Well, so do I. But guess what? Women eat this stuff up like candy, so I PRETEND to be interested in all of it!!! Of course, my favourite gimmick of gimmicks is analysing a chick's handwriting. Do I have any training in this field? Have I even read a single book on the subject? OF COURSE NOT!!! But of course, just by coincidence, we carry the good old Grapho-Deck (you can find it at, the world's best gimmick for picking up women.

All you need to do is walk into any bar or party with it, and corral the first girl you see. Just walk up and say, "Excuse me, I know this might sound a little odd, but do you handwrite or do you print?". After she stares at you like a bug for a second, she'll say, "Both. Why?". You say, "Well, I got this neat little deck of cards from a friend, and they're supposed to let you analyse a person's writing. I've tried it a few times and it really worked, and you looked like a fun person to break the ice with. Want to give it a go?". Almost always you'll hear yes, and the neat thing is other girls will be watching and then they'll come up to you and ask if you'll, "Do me! Do me!". I'm serious, it's that easy."

Other gimmicks may include tarot cards, magic tricks and palmistry (aka palm-reading, reading her "fate" from her hand), the latter of which shall be examined in more detail in this guide.

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