LayGuide now available on PAPER!

Yes - finally you can read LayGuide as a paper-based book!

250+ pages of the BEST LayGuide seduction info -

take the best advice & tips with you anywhere you go!

Order NOW before the book is BANNED
(read below why)

So how did this come about? Many of you have been asking for a paper version of LayGuide for quite some time already. In addition to that, over the years I've been approached by numerous book agents and publishing houses interested in publishing a book based on LayGuide. All I had to do was to connect the dots - and voila, LayGuide is now available on paper!

The whole guide has been rewritten by a publishing industry insider, a veteran of the business and co-author of many successful books. He reworked the material into a format more suitable for paper and added numerous insights and tips from the pros that are NOT available on the website.

The book is not supposed to replace the website entirely, but both the book and the website complement each other perfectly. You can have the book on the go and check up on tips and tactics wherever you go and wherever you are. The book is also perfect for situations where you don't have easy or immediate access to the web. The website on the other hand is perfect for hyperlinked reading, checking for newest updates or just copy/pasting stuff (like poems or patterns) for your own needs.

Let me warn you though - if you're at all interested in the book version, I suggest you order now. The delicate nature of the material dictated that there couldn't be too many copies printed of this book and thus it is quite possible, that the first print may be sold out sooner than you can blink an eye. Now on the surface, it seems obvious that the publishing house would be more than happy to run a reprint on what seems to be a bestseller, but first of all, a reprint will certainly cause a delay in availability, but secondly and more importantly, material of this kind has never really been published in mainstream media and I'm really not sure, what kind of controversy it may raise. Women often fail to realize that all sort of seduction material is in fact supposed to increase THEIR satisfaction and improve THEIR romantic lives as well, and consequently may try to block such information from ever reaching the men of this world by any means possible.

So I wouldn't be at all surprised, if despite a quick sellout the publishing house might decide to pull the plug on this book due to all the controversy (women's organizations or magazines raising up to arms and calling for a boycott of the book and the firm that publishes etc) - and there will be NO REPRINTS. Therefore, just as I said, if you're at all interested in obtaining a paper version of LayGuide, I suggest you order it when that option is still available, since that option may not be here for long.

You can order the book directly from or
but it is also available in all major bookstores in the US, UK and Australia.

If you have any questions regarding the book that the product page doesn't seem to answer,
you can mail me at and ask me directly, I'd be happy to answer.

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