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50% commissions!
Instant commissions via PayPal, MoneyBookers or E-Gold!

"LayGuide" is the ultimate dating, seduction and pickup guide, that has taken the world by storm and has become a bestseller the world over, both in bookstores and on It has been featured in "Penthouse", various radio talk-shows and weekly magazines in the US, UK and Australia. Through the years it has become a huge success and now for YOU have the chance to promote and earn 50% commissions on a product,
that every man on this earth wants to get his hands on!

"What's the point of this program? How do I start earning?"

There are millions upon millions of frustrated men in the world, that don't even have a clue on how to actually start getting the women they have so far only been dreaming about. And there really is nothing that could stop them from using every means possible to get hold of the DYNAMITE information contained within LayGuide... if only they knew LayGuide even existed. If that settled it for you - sign up with ClickBank and join the LayGuide affiliate program!

"Ok, so there are guys who'd subscribe to LayGuide if only they knew about it. What's it to me?"

YOU could be the one bringing LayGuide to their attention - and start earning 50% commissions for each referral you make! The Internet is HUGE and alone has almost ZERO chance of bringing "LayGuide - How to Lay Girls Guide" to the attention of even a fraction of all those men, who would otherwise stop at nothing to access the information contained within LayGuide. So why not make it an opportunity and a win-win situation for everyone? And this is exactly what has been done, and this is what the LayGuide Affiliate Program is all about! If that settled it for you - sign up with ClickBank and join the LayGuide affiliate program!

"Surely there must be other affiliate programs on the web too. Why should I choose this one?"

Unlike other affiliate programs on the web - selling perfume, golf-clubs, flowers, books, furniture etc - the LayGuide Affiliate Program (established in 2001) offers a possibility to sell something that absolutely EVERY MAN needs and wants! And that's advice on how to start turning the girls and women of their dreams into a REALITY, a FACT and an inseparable part of their lives - TODAY! In other words - a chance to earn with an absolute killer product!

But not just contented with offering a chance to sell an absolute killer product, the LayGuide Affiliate Program also sets itself apart by enabling its affiliates to earn that money almost directly on their bank accounts. That's right - you'll not simply be "earning" like all the other affiliate programs all over the web claim their affiliates are doing, while in reality forcing them to wait until a certain sum is accumulated before sending out a check. Instead you can have that money on your bank account almost instantly whenever you make a commission!

On top of that, LayGuide Affiliate Program is two levels deep, meaning you'll also earn a percentage of the sales made by people who join the affiliate program through your referral. So essentially you wouldn't even have to refer any subscriptions yourself - just get someone else to become an affiliate through your recommendation and start earning 5% for each subscription HE SELLS!

Here's a quick rundown of the features of the LayGuide Affiliate Program compared to the features of the rest of the affiliate programs on the web:

LayGuide Affiliate Program Ordinary affiliate programs
Commissions 50% 10-20%
Delivery triggered Upon request Once a month, no delivery if certain
sum ($20-$100) not accumulated
Delivery frequency Infinite Once a month, no delivery if certain
sum ($20-$100) not accumulated
Delivery time From hours to days From weeks to months, no delivery if
certain sum ($20-$100) not accumulated
Delivery cost None Bank charges for cashing in checks
Multi-level commissions Yes, two levels deep No
Free webpage included Yes No
Example affiliate code

"But how do I know if someone subscribes or joins through my recommendation?"

When you join the program, you will be given a special URL which you can start using when referring people to LayGuide (see Tips & Tricks for countless ways of doing it). Up until now, if you wanted to refer a friend or wanted to put a link to LayGuide on your web page, you'd use the URL "". But when you join the LayGuide Affiliate Program, you will be given a special URL instead, for example "". And if someone comes to LayGuide through that special URL and decides to subscribe - you get paid for it! Or if that someone decides to become an affiliate as well, he or she will be added to your downline and in the future you'll earn 5% for each sale he or she refers to the site. It's that simple! If that settled it for you - sign up with ClickBank and join the LayGuide affiliate program!

See Tips & Tricks for advice on how to earn more with any website!

See FAQ for a complete selection of questions about this program.

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